June 29, 2016

Ron Latz for Senate

Watch Senator Ron Latz in the League of Women Voters Debate from Oct. 23, 2012 - Video here

Dear Neighbors,

I would like to thank voters of St. Louis Park, Hopkins and Golden Valley for the confidence you have placed in me to represent you in the State Senate for the past six years. You have given me this honor, and with it comes serious responsibility involving time, commitment and principle. With redistricting, SD 46 now includes the communities of Medicine Lake, Hopkins and St. Louis Park as well as portions of Golden Valley and Plymouth.

I have been working hard in the Senate to uphold the values our community shares, the goals of a vibrant economy and a just and fair society. As your State Senator I have been:

  • Supporting our schools from Early Childhood and K-12 to our Higher Education Institutions

  • Investing in our transportation system and job growth locally and statewide

  • Protecting our vulnerable adults by increasing penalties against those who do them harm

  • Leading the charge to defend stem-cell research in Minnesota

  • Speaking against the Constitutional Amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman and for GLBT equal rights

  • Standing up for your constitutional right to vote by opposing excessive voter ID requirements and provisional ballots that will create substantial barriers to voting for seniors, college students, people who have recently moved and lower-income voters

  • Fighting for consumer protection, fair employment laws, and safe workplaces

  • Introducing and passing legislation to fund the Southwest Light Rail Line, ban smoking in bars and restaurants, recoup stolen tax-payers´ dollars with the False Claims Act and protect consumers purchasing concert tickets on-line

It has not been an easy two years. The final budget passed during the 2011 special session was an improvement over those vetoed during the regular session, but we were not able to keep the GOP majority from kicking the can down the road. The budget shortchanged Transportation, made drastic cuts to Higher Education, borrowed money from our K-12 public schools and made our tax structure more volatile. The GOP budget placed higher burdens on local governments, and increased property taxes on the middle class. The majority chose to spend their time on a partisan constitutional amendment to define marriage instead of finding long-term solutions to our job shortage and other core challenges in our state.

The 2012 legislative session was not much better. Once again the GOP focused on a divisive measure with regressive voter ID and "right to work" constitutional amendments, as well as legislation to prepare for another government shutdown. There were fewer bills passed while an historic amount of legislative days were used. My biggest disappointment was a bonding bill that DID NOT include funds for the Southwest Light Rail transit line.

While I was able to work across the aisle to pass a few bipartisan bills, we continue to have partisan gridlock at the Capitol. We cannot continue on this path, Minnesotans deserve better. We need more legislators that are willing to work across the aisle not ones will only draw lines in the sand. I would ask for your vote on November 6th so that I can continue to work towards breaking the gridlock and begin moving Minnesota forward again.


Ron Latz
State Senator
District 44 (soon to be 46)